Navy blue crocodile box handbag by Titti Dell' Acqua

This is a perfectly sweet little box bag in dark navy blue crocodile skin and would be a perfect accessory for any occasion - but only when you don't need to carry much!

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This crocodile handbag is made by Titti Dell'Acqua - for those of you who look regularly at my site you will recall I had one before in green.  They do make exquisite things and this bag is no exception.  The crocodile skin is in beautiful condition and the variety of scale sizes over the whole thing makes it very attractive indeed.

The box measures 15 cms/6" high and 12cms/4.75" across and is just over 6 cms/2.5" wide.  On the front is a gilt fastening which is like a classic case clasp - you just pull down the ring piece and then you can lift the flap or lid.  Inside the lid is lined with black leather - whilst the interior of the bag is a syntheic material.  On the back of the bag is the Titti Dell'Acqua label and underneath one that says 'Handmade in Italy by Maxima'.

The long crocodile skin shoulder strap measures 150 cms/59" so can be comfortably worn across the body.  The strap is attached with two croc covered buttons on either side.

The whole thing is very elegant in a sort of a fun way!