Classic Italian Dark Brown Crocodile Skin Handbag

I have included this lovely dark brown crocodile skin handbag into my current collection because it is just a bit different in its shape than the normal A line bag - and it is superb condition.

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Everything about this bag is understated there are few embellishments so that the bag is all about the skin.  The slightly unusual construction is made more lovely by the way in which the skin is used.  In particular that is true of the gusset where the skin has large scales and then at the bottom of that section there is a sort of a trim and there the scales are small.  Actually when you study it in detail you realise how nice it is!

The bag measures 25 cms/10" across and is 17 cms/6.5" high.  The width at its widest is 9 cms/3.5".  The two handles measure 41 cms/16" from where they are attached to the bag through gilt bars.  They are quite discreet as is the simple gilt snap closure.

Inside the bag is lined with camel coloured leather which is in perfect condition.  I imagine this bag has never been used.  There are the usual pocket arrangements with an open pocket on one side with the name of the company - Marforio - Venezia.  On the opposite side is a zipped pocket with an open pocket in front which holds the original leather covered mirror.  Everything on the bag is made or covered in fine crocodile skin and the condition is super.

This is really one to consider as the construction means you could get most things in if you were going for out for lunch.