Raspberry Coloured Ostrich Dufflebag

This is a truly rare find - a raspberry coloured ostrich bag.  There are few ostrich bags to be found anyway but in this colour ..... and its a roomy dufflebag shape.  It's a lovely thing to behold.

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This handbag is made by Corbeau - 'the seal of quality' - I have come across the make before and that was also a beautiful cream ostrich bag - so that must have been their specialty.  This bag is a really good size measuring 25 cms/10" high and is actually a rounded rectangle so it's 26 cms/10.5" across the widest length and 16 cms/6.5" across the other.

The bag is pulled together by an ostrich leather cord with heavy gilt ends.  This runs through 12 gilt eyelets and is secured with a ostrich tubular piece.  There are two stitched side panels on which the handle is attached by a gilt fastening, it measures 103 cms/40.5" from end to end.  That is on its last hole but it can be shortened with 4 further holes.  The front and back of the bag are in two stitched sections and the back of the back as always does not have the raised nodules as on the front. The base has five gilt feet to raise off the surface.  The interior is matching suede with two pockets one open and one zipped.

If you have the right outfit for this bag then it will be fabulous!