Dark Caramel Coloured Crocodile Skin Handbag

This dark caramel coloured skin bag is a boxy shape and has a fine shiny finish which is complimented by the high shine goldtone clasp.  It's difficult to date but I would suggest it is a 60s piece.

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This handbag is very structured - the boxy shape is very firm and it sits well on the table top.  The square shape is softened by the slightly rounded 'shoulders' to which the padded crocodile covered frame is attached.  The gilt circular clasp is opened by lifting the central bar and is closed by just pushing together.  It has a firm mechanism.  When open a nice feature is on each interior corner of the frame there is a gilt diagonal strip to finish the edges.  Inside there is a sandy coloured suede lining with a zipped pocket on one side and an open one on the other.

The bag measures 24 cms/9.5" wide and 19 cms/7.5" high.  The bag is 6.5 cms/2.5" across the bottom and the sides.   There are two slim crocodile skin handles which are attached to bag quite near the bottom - the length which is not attached is 48 cms/19" but only some of that is above the top of the bag.

Everything is in lovely condition and I think I would regard this bag as dainty!