Funky Black Turtle Skin 1960s Handbag

A rather unusual boxy turtle skin bag from the 1960s I believe.  The bag opens to reveal 3 separate sections with a startling red leather interior.  The quirky interior is masked by a quite classic overall look which gives it a real fun feel.

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The black turtle skin is a beautiful foil for the interior sections.  There are two square panels which are attached to the 3 separate interior sections.  Attached to the panels are 2 fairly solid handles which measure 41 cms/16" from end to end - but 6.5 cms/3" sits on the side panel of the bag.  There is an open oblong flap which is stitched to the back panel and has a gilt press stud fiting to the front.

Inside there are 3 sections in black leather with normal snap closure and then open they have a red interior.

The bag itself measures 21 cms/8.5" across and is 17 cms/6.75" high.  The width across the side of the 3 sections is nearly 10 cms/4".

This would be such a fun bag to use and would definitely impress!