Elegant Briefcase Style Handbag

This is what a really smart woman about town should use for a briefcase!  It definitely has that look and is really elegant at the same time.  The black crocodile skin is formed into functional but delightful piece.

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This briefcase style bag is beautifully constructed with simply shaped back and front panels - the top has a cut away section which mirrors the single solid handle.  The pictures show this feature very well.  When the bag opens you can see that the gusset is a lovely soft croc skin panel too.  The bag is opened by pushing down the discreet gilt fitting.  The handle is attached through a gilt fitting which is attached to the croc covered metal frame of the bag.  I like the fact that the metal frame can be seen inside the bag.  There are the usual pockets one large open on one side and a double arrangement on the other side - one zipped and one open.

The base of the bag is crocodile too and is protected by 4 gilt feet.  The bag measures 29.5 cms/12" across and is 20 cms/8" high.  The widest part at the bottom of the side measures 8 cms/3.25".  Finally the handle measures 31 cms/12.25" around the squared shape.

This would make a fab day bag but only if you were organised!