Butter Coloured Crocodile Beauty Case

This really is a 'beauty' case - it's a lovely dark creamy butter colour crocodile skin boxy shaped case and would be fabulous to take on a plane!  That's how I imagine it anyway.

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The beauty case has had some wear and if it wasn't such a lovely colour and shape I probably wouldn't be showing it in my collection.  But it's a shame not to share with you because it has been made very well and has some good features.  The shape is enhanced by raised pieces on either side of the box and the entire construction is in skin with a leather lined interior.  There are nice leaf shaped pieces to which the handles are attached with gilt fittings.  The top clasp is gilt too with the top section having been engine turned to give a matte appearance.  But sadly the handles have been replaced at some stage, the colour is not a perfect match and I an unsure of the material that has been used.

The case measures 28 cms/11" across and is 22 cms/8.75" high.  It is 16 cms/6.25" across the width at the bottom and narrows to 12 cms/4.75" at the top.  The case stands proud of the surface with 4 gilt stud feet.

Ther is some wear to the skin particularly on the raised pieces where it has been rubbed but it isn't past its best!  It just needs some TLC and a person to love it.